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Kuralon Twine
Detailed Product Description 

Specification Kuralon Twine: 20S/30ply - 120plyKuralon Rope: DIA. 1.5mm - 20.0mmPacking:Kuralon Twine: In 4" or 6" Spool (2-16oz or 50-500g) In Hank (4, 5, 10 LBS; 1, 2, 4, 5 Kgs) Kuralon Rope: As per request 

Nylon Twine
Detailed Product Description 

Specifications:1) Nylon monofilament fishing line: DIA.: 0.10-4.00mm2) Nylon monofilament high (strength breaking): DIA.:0.10-4.00mmPacking: On spools: 20-1,000m, each In hanks: 18-5,000m or 30-5,000yds, each In bundles: 1-3kg, each 

PE Silver Twine
Detailed Product Description 

70 gms - 200 gms spools
UV stabilized
Available for rope and others

Polyester Twine
Detailed Product Description 

Polyester Twines for use on mechanical tying machines generally in the commercial tying of meat and poultry. They are available in Red/White, Green/White, Blue/White and White. Size and Colour 2000T, Metres/Kg 970 metres, Metres/Cone 875 metres.

PP Twine
Detailed Product Description 

We are Manufacturers of P.P. Fishnet Twine also. Polypropylene Twine of high quality are available to meet customers demand.